Chimney Services in Staten Island

Your chimney plays a significant role when it comes to the ongoing safety of your property. In this sense, it's imperative to keep your chimney in safe, working condition. For all this and more, A1A Roofing & Home Improvement has you covered.

It's our duty to deliver homeowners in Staten Island with reliable chimney cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

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Understanding the Importance of Prompt Chimney Repair

Due to the many risks associated with failing chimneys, it's essential to have any issue addressed as soon as it's suspected. Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss signs of chimney failure if you don't know what to look for.

As your chimney repair experts, it's our job to provide you with the education you need to protect yourself and your household.

If you notice any of the following issues, please get in touch with our experts immediately.

Loose or Crumbling Bricks

If bricks and mortar of your chimney begin to crumble, you may be experiencing a water issue. Over time, moisture will eat away at your chimney and will continue to escalate causing more significant damage as time goes by. Having these problems addressed fast will save you time and money in the long run.

Water in the Firebox

Most chimneys have a chimney cap to prevent water, snow, and debris from entering the system. If you notice water in the firebox, your chimney cap may be cracked or the flashing on your roof may be damaged – either way, it's essential to have it inspected fast.


If you notice efflorescence, white staining on the exterior or interior of your chimney, you should call for assistance.


If you use your chimney on a regular or semi-regular basis, you will experience a buildup of creosote over time. Too much creosote, however, can ignite and start a chimney fire. The best way to mitigate risks is to call our team for chimney sweeping on an annual or semi-annual basis.

If you have any concerns beyond the specific issues listed above, we encourage you to reach our expert team as soon as possible.

Protect Your Property with Regular Chimney Maintenance

Since chimney issues can be hard to identify, we suggest investing in a regular inspection. Our team will be happy to schedule maintenance on a yearly basis or more regularly if your chimney is used frequently. We can plan these visits in advance, so we are always ahead of the game and never allow the safety of your chimney to slip.

Chimney maintenance will include a full inspection, a detailed clean, and a report on your unit's overall safety and any suggestions we have for keeping it safe into the future.

Many of our clients use this time to discuss their concerns with our chimney experts – so if you have questions, please don't hesitate to bring them forward to us.

Our team is happy to offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of every unique client. If you'd like to make your booking, we invite you to reach us today.

Reach Your Chimney Experts

A1A Roofing & Home Improvement is pleased to provide a full range of chimney services in the Staten Island area and beyond. Our experts have years of extensive experience and can complete comprehensive chimney repairs and maintenance, no problem!

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Contact Our Chimney Experts

Depending on the size, style, and age of your chimney, it will require specialized care and maintenance. To provide you with reliable servicing, we always begin our services by conducting on-site inspections and consultations.

During your consultation, we will understand the trouble you are having with your chimney and your reasons for calling an expert. We will also take the time to inspect your chimney from top to bottom, assessing both apparent and underlying issues.

Once we know what’s wrong with your chimney, we can develop a repair plan, and provide you with a cost estimate.

The Importance of Professional Chimney Servicing

While there is nothing quite like gathering around the fireplace on a chilly evening, chimneys that are damaged or neglected can pose a severe risk to your home. With that being said, if you suspect problems with your chimney, it’s essential to have the issues addressed as soon as possible, and A1A Roofing & Home Improvement is at your service!

Chimney Repair Experts

No matter the problem you may be facing with your chimney, we can help. We can address the following issues:


Creosote is black tar that is produced when wood is burned in your fireplace. Although creosote is normal, extensive buildup can lead to chimney fires. Creosote buildup can also stop the chimney from ventilating properly and fuse dangerous fumes down into your home.


Many things can get caught in your chimney, especially if your fireplace has been out of commission for some time. Some likely culprits include bird’s nests, leaves, and other debris.

If you have not had your chimney serviced for over a year, it’s time for an inspection. Reach us to book one today

Flue Damage

The flue is the lining inside your chimney. Chimney flues experience a lot of heat and stress, and it’s not unlikely for them to become damaged from time to time. Your chimney flue could crack and break, in some cases, this could lead to a housefire, so ensure to have yours inspected regularly.

Cap and Crown Repair

Your chimney cap and crown protect your chimney from exterior elements. If either of these functions is damaged, moisture can seep into your property and wreak havoc on your chimney.

Brickwork Damage

If the brick on the interior or exterior of your chimney is cracked or damaged, it’s essential to address the problem before it worsens. Not only is damaged brick unsightly, but it also allows moisture to leak into your property. Brick repair may be as simple as replacing mortar or as complex as rebuilding the chimney.

Contact A1A Roofing & Home Improvement for all your brick repair needs!

Contact the Area’s Best Chimney Repair Experts

A1A Roofing & Home Improvement provides licensed and professional chimney services in Staten Island that include a complete line of chimney maintenance and chimney repair. Whether you require chimney installation, chimney sweep and cleaning, or a certified chimney inspection, our professional chimney services ensures are carried out according to the highest industry standards and all local regulatory codes. Protect your property and benefit from helpful advice about burning wood and fuel in your fireplace most efficiently from our experienced staff that provides the following services:

Certified Chimney Inspection – A1A Roofing & Home Improvement chimney professionals evaluate each component of your chimney and provide chimney repair for maximum efficiency and safety.

Chimney Sweep and Repair – Chimney sweeping removes any and all accumulated soot and as well as other harmful toxins which can seriously compromise the safety and air quality in your home or business in Staten Island.

Creosote Removal - A1A Roofing & Home Improvement removes hardened coatings of creosote with advanced high-powered equipment carried out by professional chimney sweep experts.

Chimney Blockage Removal - A1A Roofing & Home Improvement chimney sweeps use high-powered vacuums with heavy duty filters to remove debris, dust and dirt from blocked chimneys in Staten Island that also include the humane removal of all wildlife.

Chimney Cap Repair – Professional installation of stainless steel and copper chimney caps to prevent access from unwanted wildlife, debris and rain or snow.

Crown Repair – Protect your chimney from water damage with cost effective chimney crown maintenance and repair.

Flue Lining and Repair – Your home or business in Staten Island may susceptible to dangerous carbon monoxide emissions if the flue lining in your chimney is damaged. Protect your property and the people in it with preventative chimney maintenance and repair from the professionals.

Masonry and Tuck Pointing – All loose mortar repair is carried out by fully equipped and licensed A1A Roofing & Home Improvement experts.

Chimney Relining – Save money with cost-effective and certified chimney relining instead of a complete chimney replacement.

Chimney Resurfacing – A1A Roofing & Home Improvement experts repair cracks in masonry that eliminates hazards and improves performance.

Chimney Waterproofing – Ask our chimney sweep and repair experts about maximum protection from the rain and snow.

Wood Stove Installation – A1A Roofing & Home Improvement provides customized wood stove and chimney installations services in strict adherence to industry and Staten Island safety and building code standards.

Emergency Chimney Repair and Maintenance – Don’t gamble with the safety of your family or employees. Contact A1A Roofing & Home Improvement for immediate assistance and chimney fire prevention tips.

Quick Chimney Tip: An unpleasant odor emanating from your chimney may be due to a buildup of creosote along chimney walls. Contact A1A Roofing & Home Improvement for a licensed chimney inspection and information on the latest chimney deodorizers.

Commercial – Industrial – Residential – Chimney Services

Protect your home or business property from fire damage, carbon monoxide leaks, chimney collapse, interior smoke damage, soot buildup and any other hazard with professional chimney sweep and repair services in Staten Island. Contact A1A Roofing & Home Improvement for a free chimney consultation and to verify whether your chimney is in compliance with regulatory industry standards.