Staten Island Skylights

Making Staten Island Brighter

Since Roman times, skylights have been a staple of the affluent and stylish. Skylights, when placed and designed properly, not only accentuate a view but can provide enough natural light throughout the day to relegate electrical bulbs to cloudy days and the evening. At A1A Roofing & Installation, we know how difficult and dangerous it can be to install one of these unique windows by yourself. The heights often involved, combined with the potential for broken glass make this a job better left to professional hands. A1A Roofing & Home Improvement has some of the most well trained experts in Staten Island and we strive to ensure the highest quality, safest installation for all parties.

Why should I have a skylight installed?

More light; there are several benefits to the way a skylight increases the amount of light in a room, beyond simply illumination. The light it provides is natural and so carries with it the benefits of sunlight. There are scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits from a dose of the nutrients in sunshine.

Environmentally friendly; because skylights amplify sunlight, during the colder months more heat will be naturally circulated throughout the area. The savings from not having to use electric light bulbs during daylight hours is not to be taken lightly either!

Value; savvy home and business owners are always trying to make their property more valuable. A new skylight is one of the quickest means of boosting that real estate value.

In Staten Island, keeping modern and up- to- date is vital for both home and business owners. At A1A Roofing and Home Improvement, we understand that and so we strive to offer Staten Island various styles of skylight to best complement each room and owner. After a decade of business, we know what type of window will work best with your home and we have the experience to set it up flawlessly. Don’t unnecessarily risk heights and shards of glass trying to do it yourself.

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